Natec Advisory Board
13 JUN

Natec Advisory Board

The Natec Advisory Board vists the Natec II group where they the recent research was presented and discussed. 

Prof. Igor Protsenko and Prof. Alexander Uskov
01 JUN

Prof. Igor Protsenko and Prof. Alexander Uskov

Prof. Igor Protsenko and Prof. Alexander Uskov visit DTU Fotonik.

19 DEC

A Mirrorless Fano Laser selected as a 2017 highlight by OSA

The article "A Mirrorless Fano Laser" was selected as a 2017 highlight of OSA in the Optics and Photonics News journal. The work was conducted by Jesper Mørk, Yi...

04 OCT

QDs Article Published in Nature Photonics

The article "Phonon scattering inhibits simultaneous near-unity efficiency and indistinguishability in semiconductor single-photon sources" has been published in Nature...

04 OCT

Dr. Igor Protsenko Joins NATEC as Guest Researcher

Dr. Igor Protsenko from the P. N. Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow is visiting from September-December 2017. Dr. Protsenko is a world-renowned expert in...

15 DEC

Researchers from DTU Fotonik Demonstrate Fano Laser

Researchers from DTU Fotonik have demonstrated a new type of laser with a mirror that is based on Fano interference between a continuum of waveguide modes and the...

07 DEC

NATEC Workshop 2016

NATEC ended the year 2016 with a workshop in Magleås, 5-6 December. The workshop generated fresh inputs, knowledge and new ideas that will be explored in the new...

09 NOV

PHOTONMAP Wins Horizon 2020 Prize

The Horizon Prize “Breaking the optical transmission barriers” has been awarded to a team led by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).  The proposal...

29 FEB

Featured Paper in Physics Review Letters

Our paper Threshold Characteristics of Slow-Light Photonic Crystal Lasers has been published as an "Editors suggestion" as well as being a featured on APS Physics...

05 OCT

5 year prolongation of the NATEC Centre of Excellence

Villum Fonden has awarded 30 mill DKK for a 5-year prolongation of the NATEC Centre of Excellence. The Centre focuses on the physics of light-matter interactions in nanostructures...

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